Who We Are

Beacon Int’l Baptist Mission (BIBM) is a local church missions agency that partners with a church and their missionary as they endeavor to fulfill the great commission. Founded by Dr. Jerry Mullendore in 1995 as Evangelization in Eastern Europe (EEE), BIBM continues to work in the Balkans and in many other places today. BIBM is the product of a need…a need to help missionaries working in other parts of the world, not just in Eastern Europe. In 2006, Evangelization in Eastern Europe expanded into the ministry known today as BIBM.
The purpose of BIBM is to serve local churches and their missionaries as they endeavor to fulfill the great commission. It’s our desire to have a reputable, local church agency that helps missionaries as they evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, train national leaders, and plant indigenous churches globally. BIBM assists missionaries with getting to the field, encourages missionaries on the field, handles the missionaries financial support, and provides financial accountability for both the missionary families and their supporting churches.
BIBM does not replace the role of the sending church/pastor. The local church is the sole authority in ordination, commissioning, and discipline. Simply put, BIBM exists to serve. Whether the need is to build a building, remodel, host a youth conference or camp, to host a Bible conference or a Bible institute, BIBM serves.
The mission of BIBM is to love God, to love others, and to magnify the name of Jesus Christ. The vision of our ministry is to glorify our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, to make true disciples throughout all the nations by means of missionary activity and support, and to do all that is sovereignly possible and biblically permissible to magnify the name of Jesus.

What is BIBM?

BIBM is a mission agency that serves the local church and their missionary family. Its sole purpose is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and plant local, Independent, Autonomous, Indigenous, Baptist Churches using the Biblical model of evangelism while providing a system of personal accountability. BIBM is built upon the premise that it is the local church’s responsibility to carry out the Great Commission and that each missionary sent is representative of Jesus Christ and ultimately an extension of the church that has sent him. With this in mind, BIBM is a ministry to help bridge the gaps that exist between a missionary on the field and his sending Pastor/sending church.
In this busy day, it is difficult for pastors to maintain an adequate system of fiscal and ministerial accountability with their missionaries serving on the foreign field. It is even more difficult for that pastor to stay current on the governmental affairs of the countries in which his missionaries serve. BIBM is the vital link that helps churches, pastors and missionaries stay connected even through the midst of financial, ministerial, and governmental turmoil.
BIBM operates under the authority of Eastside Baptist Church, located in Greeneville, Tennessee. David Fox serves as the pastor of this vibrant church. For more information about Eastide Baptist Church, please visit our website: EastSideBaptist.info. Adam Crabtree, the Executive Director of BIBM, and his family are sent out by Eastside Baptist Church.


Because BIBM is built on the Biblical model of missions, this ministry is dedicated to providing the assistance that every church, pastor, and missionary family needs to stay connected and accountable to one another. BIBM does this in several ways:

  1. Financial: To provide assistance to churches and their missionaries, BIBM has an office located in Johnson City, Tennessee. This office provides extensive benefits to the church and missionary serving with BIBM.  BIBM has a system to track all of the missionaries support, provide monthly financial statements of church giving, pay expenses of missionaries for them while on the field, transfer funds to the missionary for projects and living expenses,  maintaining proper financial records to pay taxes for the missionary and report all missionary earnings to the IRS. BIBM provides the church and the missionary with the greatest potential for good stewardship with the Lord’s provision.
  2. Ministry: Adam Crabtree, our director, maintains constant contact with every missionary partnered with BIBM. His vision is to see every pastor involved in the church planting work of his missionary and for the fruit of the missionary’s labor to be a shared with his sending church. BIBM does not replace the role of the sending pastor or the authority of the sending church. All matters of ministry including direction and discipline are matters that are reserved for the local church to handle on its own. Our director does, however, assist the pastor and the ministry in helping to set goals for their ministry. With his extensive knowledge of, and constant contact with these countries, he is a valuable resource for all parties involved and will give his opinion on ministerial matters when consulted. BIBM also reserves the right to part fellowship with a missionary who is in violation of the policies and procedures or ceases to be in agreement doctrinally with this ministry.
  3. Government: Besides taking the financial burden of the missionary’s funds off of the church, which provides accountability to our government, BIBM is also committed to staying current on all of the issues that might affect the  countries where  their missionaries are serving. Our director served as a missionary in Greece during a volatile time and he knows how important it is to maintain contact and be aware of the situations in these countries. Safety is a primary concern with BIBM. There are also such complicated measures as exchange rates, strength of the dollar, visas, missions trips, furlough and shipping ministry supplies that must be worked out with government officials. These are all benefits of working with a ministry like BIBM.


Adam Crabtree now serves as our Director.  He also  helps BIBM function in the United States, while raising funds and awareness for the works that are going on.  He also takes several trips every year for encouragement, to lead work teams, and to maintain ministry accountability.


Brief History (1995-Present)

BIBM is an expansion of Evangelization in Eastern Europe, which was started in 1995 as a local church mission agency that focused solely on the Balkan Countries of Eastern Europe. God blessed EEE in many ways. Several missionary families were sent to Macedonia, Romania, Greece, and Albania. Dr. Mullendore was able to secure an open ended registration for the ministry in Macedonia that can still be used to gain entrance into the country today. Today we have a national family in place in Shutka, Skopije, Macedonia and we are thrilled about what God is doing there after all these years of work and sacrifice.
The Lord allowed the ministry to purchase a building located in Johnson City, TN in the spring of 2002. The mission was growing, more missionaries were parterning with BIBM and the church office was no longer able to hold everything needed for the daily operation of the agency. A building was purchased and renovations began immediately. It took a lot of effort to turn this old gas station and convenience store into a mission office. The building was officially dedicated in July 2003. The building has three offices, a spacious conference room, plenty of storage, and a fully furnished, two bedroom missions apartment. This is a great gift from God! On the 15th anniversary of the original building dedication, the office was officially named the “Mullendore Mission Office” in recognition of the work and sacrifice of Dr. Jerry & Christine Mullendore.
In 2006, under the leadership of Dr. Mullendore, the Advisory Council unanimously voted to expand the ministry of EEE to include partnering with missionaries that want to serve in other countries outside of Eastern Europe. This expansion necessitated a new name. Evangelization in Eastern Europe became Beacon Int’l Baptist Mission. Today BIBM continues to be blessed by God and has expanded into several countries outside of Eastern Europe. Our goal is to maintain a mission agency that will promote the work of missions by presenting needy fields, surveying new fields, recruiting men and women of all ages to go and to be obedient to the Great Commission.
The Lord called Dr. Mullendore home in November 2016. In January 2017, Missionary Adam Crabtree became the Executive Director. Today BIBM is involved in training nationals to be missionary’s and pastors in their own country. There are numerous advantages to this strategy.  It is often a slower approach, but we see many more souls saved and many more works completed by empowering nationals win their own people to Christ and starting their own church.

Meet Adam & Brandie Crabtree, Executive Director

Adam was saved at the age of 14 while attending church camp in Miamisburg, OH and surrendered his life to full time missionary service three years later. During his freshman year of college, he answered the call to serve in Greece after hearing about the need and available opportunities. He enjoys playing golf, reading, spending time with his family, playing fantasy football, eating ethnic cuisine, and drinking a good cup of coffee. He holds a B.A. in Missions & Bible, a Th.M., and is pursuing a Th.D. You can email Adam at AdamNCrabtree@Gmail.com.
Brandie was raised in the home of a pastor and has spent most of her life in full-time ministry. She was saved as a teenager in her hometown of Greeneville, TN. In the fall of 1997, Brandie surrendered her life to be involved in missionary work. She enjoys reading,  shopping, cooking, and spending time with her family. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education. You can email Brandie at BrandieCrabtree@Gmail.com.
Adam and Brandie were married on August 5, 1999. Their oldest daughter Emily was born in December 2004 and the twins, Adalyn & Abigail, were born in March 2008. All three were born at IASO Hospital in Athens, Greece.
The Crabtree family served in Piraeus, Athens, Greece for five years and in Queens, NYC for almost nine years as missionaries before becoming the Executive Director of BIBM in 2017. The goals of the ministry are to evangelize the lost; train national leaders with the Beacon Bible Institute; equip & encourage missionary families; assist missionary families with getting to the field; assist churches in attaining their missions goals; and direct the mission agency.
BIBM operates under the authority of Eastside Baptist Church, located in Greeneville, Tennessee. David Fox serves as the pastor of this vibrant church. Adam Crabtree, the Executive Director of BIBM, and his family are sent out by Eastside Baptist Church.
The Crabtree family is available for Mission Conferences, church meetings, missions emphasis days, social engagements with small groups, and school projects. If you would like to book us for meetings, please email anytime!