Beacon International Baptist Mission (BIBM) is a mission with a strong local church connection. BIBM is an Independent Baptist Mission designed to be the third part of a triangle link between the Church, the Missionary and the Mission Sending Agency.
BIBM is an expansion of Evangelization in Eastern Europe that has been working in the Balkans since 1995. EEE is still doing the exact same thing since its beginning, with the only difference being that Beacon International Baptist Mission will allow us to send missionaries into THE WORLD and not be limited to the Balkan region of Eastern Europe.
The purpose of BIBM is to have a good, solid, local church mission that will promote the preaching of the old time Gospel to every creature, and then planting indigenous New Testament Baptist Churches. Our goal is to train, educate and send forth converts to be pastors and missionaries. By using nationals, this will eliminate visa’s, learning a new language, as well as adapting to new cultures.
This all demands accountability and making sure the money is spent where it is supposed to be spent and we at BIBM will do our best to keep good accountability in every area.
BIBM puts the emphasis in a strong local church. Today many times a missionary comes on board with a mission agency and his pastor and church are left out. Not so with BIBM. The pastor is involved from the very moment of interview. The local church is the sole authority in ordination, commissioning and discipline.
BIBM assists the missionary with work teams to build, remodel and renovate facilities. We will put together Summer Camps that will be focused to win young people to Christ and then help train them to serve in their local church. We will train young pastors and missionaries to win their own people to Christ and start churches.
We are excited that you have taken the time to visit our website. We hope you find it informative and helpful! Please take a look around and get to know us a little better. Inside you will see our burden, vision, and plan.

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